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  • Frederick

Director of Student Achievment


Director: Stacey Farone

Email: stacey.farone@msd.edu

Videophone: 240-575-2983
Telephone: 301-360-2032

Location: Ely Building



The Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Assessments: Preparing Our Graduates for the World that Awaits Them is a brief 2-page overview of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and PARCC assessments, providing readers with background on these reform initiatives as well as an understanding of how they will put Maryland students on the path toward becoming college and career ready. This publication should be helpful to educators and stakeholders as we move forward with the implementation of the new Maryland Common Core State Curriculum in the 2013-14 school year and the PARCC assessments the following year. This publication can be found at http://msde.state.md.us/w/CCSS_PARCC.pdf.

Maryland Classroom is the educator newsletter that has been the key channel for communicating important school reform information to local board members, central office, and school-based staff for over 17 years. The May 2013 8-page issue focuses on the Common Core State Standards and PARCC Assessments, providing information on Maryland’s transition to the CCSS and new State curriculum, as well as details about PARCC’s next generation assessments, including assessment advances, the components of the assessment, and an implementation timeline. The May 2013 issue also includes a number of links to CCSS and PARCC resources. This publication can be found at http://www.msde.state.md.us/mdclassroom/Vol18_No4_052013.pdf.