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  • Frederick

High School

Assistant Principal: Bonnie Kramer (Interim)
Secretaries: Lisa Schwarzenberger & Michele Muszynski
Email: lisa.schwarzenberger@msd.edu
Email: michele.muszynski@msd.edu

Videophone: 240-575-3836
Telephone: 301-360-2050
Fax: 301-360-1404

Location: Ely Building

2016-2017 End of Quarter Dates:
1st - 10/28; 2nd - 01/20; 3rd - 03/24; 4th - 05/03

2016-2017 Interim Dates: 10/05, 12/07, 02/22, 05/03

Middle School

Department Head: Rick Ballard
Email: rick.ballard@msd.edu

Telephone: 410-480-4500
Videophone: 410-480-4508
Fax: 410-480-4506

Location: Main Building

Quarter Dates: 1st - 10/31; 2nd - 01/15; 3rd - 03/27; 4th - 06/05
Interim Dates: 09/29, 12/3, 2/23, 5/5



High School

A full range of secondary school academic courses is offered at the MSD campus in Frederick, where students progress from freshman through senior years. Because we believe there is value in practical application, we offer a range of vocational courses such as computer literacy, graphic arts, masonry, woodworking, business education, and job training center.

Work study is offered through the cooperation of various businesses in the Frederick community. Every effort is made to match students with a job that will help them develop good work habits, skills, and attitudes.