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  • Frederick

High School

Virtual High School Coordinator: Mark Denton
Email: mark.denton@msd.edu

Telephone: 301-360-2050
Fax: 301-360-1404

Location: Ely Building

2016-2017 End of Quarter Dates:
1st - 10/28; 2nd - 01/20; 3rd - 03/24; 4th - 05/03

2016-2017 Interim Dates: 10/05, 12/07, 02/22, 05/03

Middle School

Department Head: Rick Ballard
Email: rick.ballard@msd.edu

Telephone: 410-480-4500
Videophone: 410-480-4508
Fax: 410-480-4506

Location: Main Building

Quarter Dates: 1st - 10/31; 2nd - 01/15; 3rd - 03/27; 4th - 06/05
Interim Dates: 09/29, 12/3, 2/23, 5/5



Virtual High School

Virtual High School

Virtual High School (VHS) provides online education and professional development courses for high school students. The students will learn to work independently and at their own pace. They will interact with a teacher and various students from the US and other countries. Students can explore taking a variety of classes that suit their interests and future plans.