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Director: Michelle Bode, Au.D., CCC-A

VP: 240-575-2985
Telephone: 301-360-2045
Fax: 301-360-1403

Location: Kent-McCanner Building


Director: Jennifer Mertes - AuD, CCC-A
Email: jennifer.mertes@msd.edu

VP: 410-696-7441
Telephone: 410-696-3050
Fax: 410-480-4596

Location: Steiner Building

Speech & Language Services

Communication Services

From pre-school on, each student receives services to help them become effective communicators. Services provided individually and in small group settings are…

  • Audiological diagnostics, support, and instruction
  • ASL language development
  • Functional communication coursework
  • Speech therapy
  • Spoken English skill development and refinement

Spoken Language

Spoken Language sessions are available for enrolled students, as specified in the Individual Education Plan (IEP). A Speech-Language Pathologist, Audiologist and/or Deaf Educator assesses students’ communication skills. This information assists the team in developing a communication plan to enhance their student’s receptive and expressive English language skills.
Direct therapy is provided in small groups or during one-on-one sessions, either on a pullout basis and/or an inclusion setting, based on the individual needs of each student.

These sessions can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Auditory Training—detection, discrimination; identification; and, comprehension
  • Articulation/Pronunciation Training
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Speechreading Skill Training, including oral/motor skills
  • Pragmatic Language Training (e.g. establishing eye contact, turn taking, maintaining a topic of conversation)
  • Communication Strategies to prevent or repair communication breakdowns
  • Augmentative Communication Training
  • Language expansion—both receptive/expressive language building
  • Fostering a link between Spoken English and literacy