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VP Directory - CC

Hands On Video Relay Service

Videophone Directory - Columbia Campus

Name Department Title Contact #’s
Athletics Physical Education   VP: 410-696-7452
Akinlotan, Tajudeen Student Life Behavior Specialist P3: 443-832-3656
Blake, Caitlin   Director of Enhanced Program VP: 240-988-3179
Brinks, Lisa
Denton Front Office Shared Office for
Frederick Staff
VP: 240-575-2951
Brooks, Samantha Assistant Superintendent/ Principal's Office Administrative Assistant VP: 410-988-2879
Cohen, Larry Behavior/Counseling/Mental Health Behavioral Specialist VP: 410-696-7450
Dawkins, Elise Front Office - Denton Office Secretary VP: 410-696-7449
Dell, Peggy Middle School/Student Life Secretary P3: 443-832-3652
Elementary Department Elementary Department - Steiner Teachers and Aides P3: 443-364-9212
FEECD Family Ed Teachers and Aides P3: 443-364-9213
Charlene Ward-Marr IEP IEP Administrator VP: 410-988-2581
  IEP Secretary Secretary VP: 410-696-7460
Jeffries, Richard Middle School Middle School
Assistant Principal
VP: 410-696-7430
Johnson, Jason Student Life Overnight Supervisor P3: 443-364-9196
Library Denton   P3: 443-364-9226
Mabashov, Jerry Alexander Student Life Student Life Director VP: 410-696-7448
Meeting Room - Denton 207 Meeting Rm - 2nd Floor Near Swimming Pool VP: 410-696-7451
Meeting Room - Denton 217 - D Meeting Rm - Main Office Corner Meeting Rm. VP: 410-696-7444
Mertes, Jen Related Services Director of Related Services VP: 410-696-7441
Middle School Department Middle School Denton P3: 443-364-9226
Patterson, Dawniela Assistant Superintendent/ Principal's Office Assistant Superintendent/ Principal VP: 410-696-7447
Pages, Luis Maintenance Maintenance Chief VP: 410-696-7440
Pierce, Margaret Social Worker Family Services Specialist VP: 410-696-7437
Polzin, Karin Behavior/Counseling/Mental Health Mental Health Team Leader VP: 410-696-7443
Rewolinski, Ursa Middle School ASL SPecialist Teacher VP: 410-696-4206
Shortt, Carrie FEECD Clerical Aide – FEECD VP: 410-696-7435
Smail, Joseph Behavior/Counseling/Mental Health School Psychologist VP: 410-696-7445
Richmond, Mary Ann FEECD FEECD Assistant Principal - VP: 410-696-7436
Tibbitt, Julie Elementary Elementary School
Assistant Principal (Interim)
VP: 410-696-7434
Student Health Center - Daytime SHC - Steiner   VP: 410-696-7438
Student Health Center - Overnight SHC - Baker   VP: 410-364-9196
Riddell, Laura Student Success IEP Coordinator VP: 410-988-2851
Hill, Deb Elementary Elementary - Clerical Aide VP : 410-782-0187

Public Areas

Denton Library P3: 443-364-9226
PE Teacher's Office VP: 410-696-7452
Maintenance P3: 443 364-9227
Middle SchoolTeachers' Aide Office P3: 443 364-9216
Steiner A Teachers' Lounge P3: 443 364-9212
Family Education/early Intervention P3: 443 364-9207
Family Education/early Intervention P3: 443 364-9213
Baker Boys Dorm P3: 443 364-9194
Baker Girls Dorm P3: 443 364-9195
Dorm Student Health Center VP: 443-583-4411