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  • Frederick
  • Columbia

Frederick Campus

Superintendent: James E. Tucker
Special Assistant to the Superintendent/Coordinator of Administrative Projects: Jennifer Lake
Secretary: Gay Fout

School Principal: Kevin Strachan
Director of Student Affairs: Jennifer Yost Ortiz

Email: Frederick Campus

Videophone: 240-575-2966
Telephone: 301-360-2000
TTY: 301-360-2001
Fax: 301-360-1401

Columbia Campus

Superintendent: James E. Tucker
Assistant Superintendent/Principal: Dawniella Patterson
Administrative Aide: Samantha Brooks
Secretary: Elise Dawkins

Email: Columbia Campus

Videophone: 240-575-2966
Telephone: 410-696-3027
TTY: 410-480-4501
Fax: 410-480-4506

The MSD Advantage...

The MSD Advantage is...


Direct Access to Learning

Deaf and hard of hearing students interact with teachers, staff, and peers—all day, every day—in the classroom, at lunch, during sports, on the bus…Learning takes place directly, not through an interpreter.


Full Participation

Students actively engage in academic, extracurricular, and social life at MSD. They participate in class, play on sports teams, join cheerleading, act in the school play, write articles for the school magazine, or run for student government. They are individuals, classmates, friends, leaders, followers, team players, and mentors.


Bilingual Education

Every student benefits from mastering a primary language, which is proven to support academic achievement and success in mastering English. Fluency in American Sign Language (ASL) and written English is the goal for all MSD graduates. Children who are hard of hearing or have cochlear implants benefit from auditory access to the classroom curriculum via spoken English language instruction.


Individualized Education

At MSD, IEP is not a room. True Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs) are central to an MSD Education and guide every student’s educational path. Each IEP is developed and maintained by a team comprised of MSD teachers, staff, the student, and family members.


Extraordinary Support

MSD implements its fully accredited curriculum in conjunction with a comprehensive range of supportive services and activities. This integrated approach effectively promotes students’ success and ability to achieve their maximum potential.


Caring Community

At MSD, children fit in. They aren’t different or the odd one out. Shared language and communication unifies MSD’s diverse community of children and adults who may be Deaf, have residual hearing, wear hearing aids, have cochlear implants, and/or come from different parts of the country and the world. Because students feel part of a secure community, they feel free to be themselves. Students form connections with peers and adults that last a lifetime.


A Tradition of Innovative Leadership

Since 1868, Maryland School for the Deaf (MSD) has been at the forefront in shaping educational trends for deaf and hard of hearing children and youth. Today, MSD is internationally acknowledged for educational leadership that embraces innovative instruction and emerging technologies for the benefit of Maryland’s deaf and hard of hearing students.


An MSD Education…

  • Is available to deaf and hard of hearing Maryland children from birth to age 21.
  • Offers comprehensive educational programs fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.
  • Serves children across a broad spectrum of intellectual and physical abilities, including those with mild to severe additional disabilities.
  • Provides extraordinary support to children and families.
  • Is FREE to Maryland residents. Out-of-state students pay tuition.