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Senegal Trip

Sponsor: Martin O'brien
Email: martin.obrien@msd.edu

Sponsor: Stacey Farone
Email: stacey.farone@msd.edu


Service Learning Trip

Senegal: Service Learning Trip

The trip to Senegal in West Africa is administered by Senecorps - the main office is in Gaithersburg, MD.  For general information regarding the organization please go to www.senecorps.org.  The trip will occur in June 2013 (as long as at least 8 participants register) and lasts 14-16 days.

  • Travel to Senegal in Mid-June 2013
  • Connect with the Senegalese Deaf Community
  • Teach ASL at the Senegal School for the Deaf
  • Learn Senegalese Culture
  • Take a tour of Senegal
  • Participate in Community Service Projects

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