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Sign Language Classes

ASL Specialist: Lynn Ballard-Weiner
e-mail: lynn.ballard-weiner@msd.edu

ASL Specialist: Sara Lee Herzig
e-mail: saralee.herzig@msd.edu

Faculty/Staff Instructor: Jerri Aubry
e-mail: jerri.aubry@msd.edu

Sign Language Classes

Instructor: Stacey Pedersen
e-mail: stacey.pedersen@msd.edu

Location: Steiner Building

Support Services

Sign language Classes

American Sign Language (ASL) is acknowledged as the natural language of the Deaf community. American Sign Language is offered on both an instructional level for those students desiring an academic study of the language and also at an intervention level for those students who have not attained a sufficient functional command of the language. Serving a diverse population, some students in the latter category arrive at the school with delays in their natural language which may impede their learning.

For faculty/staff who need to take ASL classes or improve on their signing skills, there are classes available during the work day on a rolling basis. For faculty/staff who wish to take these classes, please contact your immediate supervisor to schedule this.