Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation Policy & Forms

MSD's Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation Policy
The Maryland School for the Deaf (MSD) is committed to providing a safe, productive, and inclusive environment. Bullying problems are symptomatic of relationship problems best addressed holistically by students, schools, parents/caregivers, and the entire community. Maryland schools should be places where students are surrounded by caring adults who encourage students to treat others with kindness and empathy, while helping to build a relationship-focused, welcoming, supportive school environment fostering academic and personal growth for every student.
Making a Report
Parents/Guardians, school staff, students, and members of the community have the right to report incidents of bullying, harassment, or intimidation to the school. The Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation Reporting Form should be used to report any alleged incidents that occurred during the current school year on school property, at a school-sponsored activity or event off school property, on a school bus, on the way to and/or from school, or through electronic communication on or off school property. This form can be found on our website at this link or in the principal's office. School staff will address incidents that occur at school or have a connection or nexus back to the school setting that create a risk of harm to other students while they are at school or interfere with the educational environment.
Investigation Form
The Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation Investigation Form is a tool for school administration or an administrative designee to investigate reports of bullying, harassment or intimidation that have been documented on a Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation Reporting Form. School administration or an administrative designee are to utilize the Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation Form to promptly and appropriately investigate reports of bullying, harassment or intimidation consistent with due process rights, within two school days after receipt of a reporting form or as timely as possible for school administration or administrative designee.