Recent Policy Updates

Policies are effective upon the approval of the Board of Trustees, unless in response to new or revised requirements by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and/or the federal government. Information in the Recent policy updates will supersede language in this handbook.
Promotion, Retention and Acceleration of Students
MSD is committed to ensuring that all students learn and that students, parents, teachers, and administrators, and other stakeholders are provided meaningful feedback on student achievement. Grading, reporting, promotion, and retention at MSD are based on the individual student's mastery of curriculum standards. MSD views grading and reporting as part of an ongoing conversation about student academic progress with students and their families. The final responsibility for decisions on placement, promotion, acceleration, and retention of students rests with the campus principal. 
Approved by the MSD Board of Trustees on February 10, 2023
Dual Credit Courses offered outside of MSD
Students may take courses at an approved local post-secondary program (i.e. community colleges) while still in high school. The list of approved programs can be obtained from the Transition team. Students may take courses at night, online, or even on the weekend or during the summer — making it easy to fit into their schedule. Course availability is dependent upon the course offerings of the post-secondary program. Students in high school should check with their transition coordinator to determine if the college courses will count as credit towards graduation requirements for high school. College programs may have an admissions process and cost for classes. Due to a recent change in a Maryland law, a public institution of higher education within the state of Maryland may not charge tuition to a dually enrolled student. For more information on how your child may participate in the dual enrollment program, please contact your child's Transition Coordinator.
Approved by the MSD Board of Trustees on February 10, 2023
Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Education Program Policy
MSD is committed to promoting and providing an alcohol, drug, and tobacco free academic environment for all students that maintain appropriate safeguards for the administration of prescription medication and over-the-counter medication. MSD believes that collaboration with parents/guardians and the larger community is essential to its success in providing this safe and nurturing environment.
MSD ensures a school environment that promotes and protects students' health and ability to learn. MSD efforts to deter the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco by students will include a comprehensive program that provides appropriate support and intervention services designed to inform students and families of the negative effects of alcohol, illegal drug, and tobacco use, as well as appropriate consequences for students who violate this policy. MSD is committed to helping students develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles.
Approved by the MSD Board of Trustees on February 10, 2023
Medication Administration and Administration of Medical Cannabis to Students
MSD strives to honor families' private medical decisions while ensuring a learning environment free of disruption. The administration of medical cannabis to qualifying students during school hours, at school-sponsored activities, and on a school bus is authorized by State Law in an effort to facilitate students' continuity of medical care and access to education. 
In accordance with State Law, students at MSD who are being treated with medical cannabis will be able to attend school and participate in school activities while continuing medical cannabis treatment which cannot reasonably be accomplished outside of school hours.
Approved by the MSD Board of Trustees on February 10, 2023