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Family Engagement

Stay Connected! Use this page as your all-in-one resource for projects to do together at home. Be on the lookout for new resources and projects weekly! Projects will be fun, engaging, and educational for the entire family!
Meet the Family Engagement Team!
Week Seven Theme: Celebrate Who You Are!
Celebrate Who You Are!
Watch this introductory video for this week's theme to learn more about the importance of self-reflection and celebrating who you are!
Self-Reflection Discussion Questions
There are many parts of you to discover! Use the discussion questions listed as a guide to self-reflect and learn more about yourself.
Celebrate Who You Are with a Collage
Make your own collage expressing who you are with your own personal pictures and general images from google.
Typewriter Fun
Learn how to use a typewriter and create an original piece!
Cardboard Art
Learn how to create beautiful art with pieces of used cardboard and paint!
Make Matzo Brei
Learn how to make Matzo Brei for breakfast!
Week Six Theme: Get Moving!
Get Moving with a Deck of Cards!
Get creative with a deck of cards and get your workout in for the day! Each suit is assigned to an exercise. Draw a card and complete the designated exercise for the number of reps indicated on the card. This is a great way to mix up your workouts!
Family Fitness Relay
Get moving with your family members in a competitive fitness relay!
Basketball Drills
Work on your ball handling skills with fundamental drills!
Lineman Drills
Strengthen your core and footwork with fundamental drills!
Volleyball Drills
Improve your passing and setting drills with fundamental drills!
Memory Fitness Game
This game is designed for anyone that wants to exercise both the mind and the body simultaneously! With game cards face down, flip a card and try to find the matching exercise. Once two identical card are matched, complete the exercise as instructed on the cards. This is a great game to play by yourself or as a challenge with your friends!
Get Moving in your Community
Take your daily walk and see how you can incorporate a few exercises during your walk to get your heart pumping!
Visual Motivation Tips
Making your goals visual is a great way to stay motivated and get yourself moving!
Week Five Theme: Self-Care
Lego Building Projects
Playing with legos can be a stress reliever. Watch this time-lapse video of a family engagement team member building a replica set of Central Perk from 'Friends', a popular television sitcom.
DIY Bath Bombs
Create your own in-home spa with these homemade bath bombs.
DIY Turmeric Face Mask
Learn how to make your own turmeric face mask!
DIY Hair Braids
Watch this video and discover four new ways to braid hair.
Clean Your Garage
There is nothing more satisfying than a before-and-after picture of a clean space. A great way to take care of yourself is to complete chores. One idea is to clean your garage!
DIY Coffee Face Mask
Did you know coffee makes a fantastic scrub? Learn how to make a coffee face mask with your leftover coffee grounds.
DIY Bath Salts
Soak into self-care with bath salts! Learn how to make your own bath salts in this easy-to-follow tutorial.
Plant Care = Self-Care
Practice self-care with a new plant. Plant Care is Self-Care.
Plant Care
Week Four Theme: Life Hacks!
DIY Shaving Cream Art
This art activity allows for family fun with shaving cream and food coloring!
DIY Bedsheet Hammock
Learn how to make your own hammock using bedsheets.
DIY Bleach Tie-Dye
Want to dye your clothes, but don't have dye? No problem! Learn how to tie-dye your shirt with bleach.
DIY Hand Sanitizer
Learn how to make your own hand sanitizer!
Make Your Own Mandalas: Life Hacks for Art Tools
Learn how to create mandalas using things around the house as art tools.
DIY Laundry Folding Board
Find out how a simple laundry hack using a cardboard can help you fold your clothes neater and quicker!
Bookmark Life Hack
See how you can use a rubber band and a paperclip to make your own bookmark!
Toilet Paper: Did You Know?
Read some interesting facts about toilet paper, and learn how you can avoid being wasteful.
Week Three Theme: Earth Week
Earth Day: Did You Know?
Celebrate 50 years of Earth Day by learning more about the marvelous planet we live on. Watch this video to learn more about the history of Earth Day and how bees and coral reefs are important for a healthy ecosystem.
Nature Scavenger Hunt
Explore nature in a scavenger hunt with this printable checklist.
Outdoor ABCs
Take a hike in the great outdoors while looking for items by the letter.
Make a Toy Boat from Recycled Materials
This activity encourages you to use recycled materials to make your own toy boat!
In honor of Earth Day, the Family Engagement team shares how they will do their part in helping the Earth. What's your #IWill?
DIY Compost
Learn how to make your own DIY compost!
Egg Carton Garden
Learn how to start plants in recycled egg cartons!
Week Two Theme: Travel From Home
Send a Postcard Activity
Create a postcard of your favorite place or somewhere you wish to visit and mail it to your family or friends!
Travel from Home
Take virtual tours of museums, aquariums, zoos, gardens, and landmarks from home!
Travel Trivia
Play Travel Trivia and learn something new 
Create Your Own Country
Create, design, and develop your own country!
Did You Know ... We Are In This Together! Activity
Week One Theme: We Are In This Together!
How to Make Sugar Cookies: A Step-by-Step Tutorial
Create Your Own Heart Activity
Virtual Tea Party