School Communications

MSD utilizes a multifaceted approach to ensure the school community remains informed with school-wide and campus-wide announcements, health and safety information, and program and class updates. MSD shall make every effort to safeguard and provide school-wide announcements and updates from the superintendent’s office and chief educational programs officers' offices in American Sign Language, English, and Spanish.
The primary means of communication with parents/guardians, students, and staff will be emails from chief educational programs officers, department principals, and classroom teachers. MSD’s website hosts various resources, including the MSD Handbook, the Reopening Guide, community-based resources for families, and academic resources for families, students, and staff.
Teachers are expected to manage their online platforms and communicate with students and their parents/guardians via email regarding instructional announcements, class updates, and assignments.
MSD will communicate with students, staff, families, and community stakeholders about its 2023-2024 Reopening Guide throughout the school year. Announcements with MSD’s larger community and the general public will include the following forms of communication:
School Website:
Official Social Media Sites:
One Call Now: a message system that sends alerts via texts and emails
MSD Athletics Social Media Sites:
School Magazine: The Maryland Bulletin