MSD is a 1:1 school where every student has a device to use during the school day. Students in the Family Education and Early Childhood Education department have access to designated iPad carts to use in their classrooms. Some of MSD’s most complex learners who need additional support may have more than one device provided to them to actively engage in learning.
All students and their families will be required to sign the 1:1 device user agreement; middle school and high school students will need to pay a $40 technology usage fee for the device. MSD shall support families with a financial need.
All students are expected to bring their school-issued devices to and from school. If students must return to an online learning environment, all students in preschool, prekindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school will access instruction and actively engage in learning from their assigned devices.
Some families may opt to use their own personal devices rather than borrow a school-issued device. MSD maintains an additional store of devices should a family change their mind about using a school-issued device, or if a borrowed device needs to be replaced for any reason (damage or dysfunction).
MSD’s support teams and educational technology teams stand ready to support students who need access to high-speed internet at home to remain connected to learning should they need to quarantine, or return to online learning, during the school year. Should students need a hotspot to access the internet at home, one will be provided to them. MSD shall continue to support families in finding resources to obtain free high speed internet, as well as obtaining video communication services through a video relay company if they do not yet have them for their deaf/hard of hearing child.
Laptops have been purchased for all teachers and support staff and have been distributed for the 2023-2024 school year. Teachers will post and share course assignments in the school’s Learning Management System. Should the school need to return to online learning, these laptops are equipped with webcams for recording instruction, face-to-face meetings, tutoring, virtual services, and live instruction.