Work-to-Learn Summer Youth Employment Program

These students worked in their local community over the summer and learned valuable employment skills.
Summer Youth Employment Program provides opportunities for high school students to gain work experience and to explore a number of different career paths. MSD partners with different county summer youth programs across the state to provide students with the opportunity to gain meaningful work experience with dynamic professionals in a community-based setting. By working in a real work environment with the support of job coaches, students learn academic, technical and employability skills necessary to prepare them for the 21st century workforce.
Work-to-Learn, a core component of MSD's Career & Technology (CTE) program, is focused on job training and transition. Work-to-Learn works with over 20 employees to provide students with a work-based learning experience. Some of our business partners include: Baltimore National Cemetery, Fort Meade Public Affairs, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, High Level Hair Distributors & Salon, and Sycamore Spring Farm.