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Audiology Services

MSD houses full pediatric test suites on both campuses. Our audiologists monitor the hearing levels of our students and manage the technology our students may use to ensure that their equipment is functioning optimally. Services include the fitting and repair of ear molds, hearing aids, bone-anchored devices, and cochlear implants. They may also facilitate the fitting of new hearing technology and collaborate with other audiologists all over the state in an effort to optimize the use of listening devices.

Audiology staff members also provide both parent consultation and staff training and consultation. MSD’s Audiologists are proficient in American Sign Language/English and have experience and training in pediatric audiology, bilingual bimodal language and listening development in deaf and hard of hearing students. Our audiologists are certified and licensed to practice in the state of Maryland.

MSD also serves as a referral center for follow-up to newborn hearing screenings. We offer diagnostic assessments, as needed, for babies birth to six months of age.

The Diagnostic Audiology Center at MSD

Why does my baby need a hearing screening?

In the U.S., more than 12,000 babies are born with hearing levels outside of the normal range every year. Thousands more develop hearing loss during childhood.

Maryland is committed to ensuring that all infants and children have early access to hearing screenings in order to determine hearing status. The goal is to have a hearing screening, determination of hearing status, and services in place by six months of age.  

Most newborns with hearing levels outside of the normal range show no signs or symptoms of having a hearing loss. That is why it is important to have formal screening and diagnostic services completed by an audiologist.

If an infant’s hearing levels do not provide complete access to speech sounds, their ability to learn through listening and speaking will be impacted.

Research has shown that children who receive early intervention services by six months of age will perform significantly better in language development than an infant who starts receiving services after six months of age

How is my baby tested?

MSD offers two types of assessments for conducting your baby’s hearing screening.  These tests are called ABR and OAE. Both of these tests are safe and comfortable for your baby.  

An OAE screening will be conducted at the start of your appointment. These OAE results are a quick way to determine if a diagnostic ABR is needed to further determine hearing status.

ABR and OAE assessments work best when your baby is sleeping. While some diagnostic facilities perform these assessments with your child under sedation, MSD does not. Therefore, testing is recommended to be completed prior to six months of age. Older infants can be assessed; however, complete results cannot be guaranteed.

Types of Assessments

  • Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE):

An OAE measures the acoustic response that is produced by the cochlea (inner ear). A small soft rubber tip is placed in the entrance of your baby’s ear canal. The probe tip transmits sounds to the ear and measures responses via a tiny microphone.  

  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR):

An ABR assessment uses a special computer and software to measure how the hearing nerve responds to different sounds. To perform the ABR, adhesive electrodes are gently placed on your baby’s forehead and earlobes. Miniature earphones are placed in both ears. Sounds are presented through the earphones at a variety of pitches and degrees of loudness.

Locating a Pediatric Audiologist

An online database of pediatric test facilities is available through the national Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (EHDI) website. Further information is also available in regards to hearing evaluations:

Audiologists at MSD

At MSD, qualified and experienced professionals help families and children from birth to age 21 every day. Audiologists at MSD are able to communicate using spoken English and American Sign Language.

If your child was referred for further testing following their newborn hearing screening, MSD is an option of where to receive your audiological follow-up. ABR and OAE services are free to babies that reside in the State of Maryland. Contact the Maryland School for the Deaf Diagnostic Audiology Center for an appointment with one of our audiologists.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Free newborn hearing screening follow-up appointments are available at both of MSD’s Frederick and Columbia campuses. Please choose the campus location that best fits your needs.

Directions and campus maps can be found here. Both campuses are conveniently located off major highways and parking is free.  

For more information regarding Audiology services at MSD, please contact:

Michelle Bode, AuD, CCC-A        

Frederick Campus


Voice: 301-360-2045

VideoPhone: 240-575-2985

Jennifer Mertes, AuD, CCC-A

Columbia Campus


Voice: 410-696-3050

VideoPhone: 410-696-7441




Jennifer Mertes, AuD, CCC-A


V: 410-696-3050

VP: 410-696-7441



Michelle Bode, AuD, CCC-A


V: 301-360-2045

VP: 240-575-2985