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Capitol Hill Advocacy Day

On February 27 and 28, MSD students attended the two-day Education and Advocacy Summit to express support for H.R. 1120, the Alice Cogswell and Anne Sullivan Macy Act.
Capitol Hill Advocacy Day Featured Photo

Regional Champions!

2018 East Regional Academic Bowl Champions! MSD advances to the National competition in April.
Regional Champions! Featured Photo

National Deaf Youth Day

NAD members visited Columbia campus and volunteered with our students as a part of their NAD Deaf Youth Day. The NAD members participated in classroom reading activities and organized a leadership workshop for our Student Council members.
National Deaf Youth Day Featured Photo

Spotlight Message

60 Years of Integration

This is the second video in the 150th Anniversary Video Series featuring our students and staff as they narrate the history of the Maryland School for the Colored Deaf from its establishment in 1872 to its integration in 1956. This year, MSD recognizes its 60 years of integration.

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