The counties and the State of Maryland provide weekend and/or daily transportation for MSD students. Some students will be transported on Sundays or Mondays to stay in the dormitory through the week and return home again on Fridays. Other students will take a daily bus to commute to and from MSD and their homes in order to attend school.
Bus assignments from designated counties run routes across the state with a stop in the home area of every child. If your county does not provide bus service, then another county is designated to do so. It is the parent's responsibility to provide transportation to and from the bus stop.
Transportation services are coordinated by the principals' transportation coordinators who are responsible for contacting and scheduling with counties directly. If emergency changes to transportation are needed, please contact:
Jenna Cator | Transportation Coordinator, Columbia Campus
Phone: 410-696-4197
Fax: 410-696-3080
Gabrielle Beaumont | Transportation Coordinator, Frederick Campus
Voice: 301-360-2055
VideoPhone: 240-575-2976
Fax: 301-360-1401
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Jenna Cator
Transportation Coordinator
V: 410-696-4197
Gabrielle Beaumont
Transportation Coordinator
V: 301-360-2055
VP: 240-575-2976