Family Support & Resource Center

A statewide support service for families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
In conjunction with a statewide support service, MSD houses this MSDE resource center on Columbia and Frederick campuses. The goal of the program is to provide any Maryland family (including MSD families), professional, or service agency, support with raising a deaf or hard of hearing child. The center offers information resources, hosts monthly workshops and special events, and coordinates with service agencies statewide.
The Family Support and Resource Center Encourages: 
Families as Lifelong Educators: Families observe, guide, promote and participate in the everyday learning of their children at home, in school, and in their communities.
Family Engagement in Transitions: Families support and advocate for their child's learning and development as they transition to new learning environments from Birth to Age 21.
Family Connections to Peers and Community: Families from connections with peers and mentors in formal or informal social networks that are supportive and/or educational and enhance social well-being and community life.
Families as Advocates and Leaders: Parents and families participate in leadership development, and in community and state organizing activities to improve children's development and learning experiences.
Positive Parent-Child Relationships: Beginning with transitions to parenthood, parents and families develop warm relationships that nurture their child's learning and development. 

Information and Resources
  • Supplies families and professionals with information about national and state resources
  • Helps families resolve concerns and make informed decisions regarding their child's education
  • Provides families with support, resources, and information about language learning opportunities for their deaf and hard of hearing child
  • Provides practical workshops designed to meet the needs of parents and educators are offered throughout the year. Topics include IEP, transition, school records, internet safety, support groups, and much more.
Lending Library
  • Provides families and professionals with a lending library of a variety of publications and videos
Newsletter and Email News
  • Publishes a newsletter several times a year full of topics of interest to families and professionals
  • Sends emails with upcoming events to keep families and professionals informed
For more information regarding Family Support and Resource Center, please contact:

Cheri Dowling | Coordinator, Family Support and Resource Center
Voice/Text: 443-277-8899
VideoPhone: 410-696-7435
Parents helping parents... it's a simple concept that works.
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