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School Closings

nclement weather or other safety conditions may require us to close or have a delayed opening. This decision involves careful evaluation of a variety of factors in a compressed time period. Decisions are made as early as possible for morning closings and delays.

The General Rule
As a general rule, MSD-Frederick follows Frederick County Public Schools and MSD-Columbia follows Howard County Public Schools. Exceptions to the rule do happen.

Delayed Openings
If Frederick County Public Schools open 2 hours late, only MSD-Frederick Campus will open 2 hours late. If Howard County Public Schools open 2 hours late, only MSD-Columbia Campus will open 2 hours late.

Although we tend to follow the county’s lead, there are circumstances when we make an independent decision.

We Are One School
Every once in a while Frederick County Public Schools or Howard County Public Schools will close while the other remains open. In that rare situation, as MSD is a single school, both campuses will be closed. 

How to Find Out
The best way to know whether or not MSD-Frederick and/or MSD-Columbia is closed or opening late due to inclement weather is to:

1. Check your email for an announcement. 

2. Check MSD's website: www.msd.edu 

3. Check our Social Media pages:

Facebook: / Maryland School for the Deaf

Twitter: @MSDOrioles

4. Check our local news stations:


After School Events
Any time school is closed due to inclement weather, all school activities—athletic events, practices, rehearsals—are cancelled as well.

Parents Can Decide
Student safety is paramount. Parents reserve the right to keep their child home on days when weather makes travel hazardous. The absence will be treated as an excused absence.

Sending Students Home
If a significant storm is predicted, MSD will send home all day students and the residential students who have daily transportation available to them to ensure that they are being transported in safe conditions and are home with their families rather than snowbound at school. Should the next day’s weather prove not to be a problem, buses will run and students will be brought back to school.

County Buses
If schools in specific counties are closed, those county buses will not run to MSD even if we are open. This will be counted as an excused absence for students without bus transportation. If MSD is open, and you want to bring your child to school, you may, providing you pick up your child before 3pm, when our school closes for the day.

If Other County Schools


Then Buses to MSD

Are On Time

Is Delayed

Will be Delayed

Are Delayed

Is On Time

Will be Delayed

Are Delayed

Is Closed

There will be No transportation

Are Closed

Is Delayed

There will be No transportation

Have Early Dismissal

Has Normal Schedule

Will have Early Dismissal

Have Normal Schedule

Has Early Dismissal

Will have Early Dismissal