Get Involved

MSD welcomes the involvement of parents and families in our school.
American Sign Language (ASL) Classes for Families
MSD provides ASL classes for all families and caregivers of students enrolled at MSD. Classes are offered on campus throughout the school year. The goal of the ASL classes is to increase access to communication at home and to strengthen bilingual development in ASL and English for deaf/hard of hearing children.
To learn more about ASL Classes for Families, click here.
Family Support and Resource Center
This statewide support service is for families with children who are deaf and hard of hearing. This resource center provides information to families regarding community services; refers families to local support groups, workshops, and advocacy groups; and provides opportunities for families to network and share ideas and experiences. 
The provision of knowledge and the development of essential skills is fundamental to parents and professionals working together as equal partners in the educational decision-making process. Specifically, the center seeks to:
  • Increase parental involvement in the special education decision-making process
  • Provide information and resources
  • Assist families in resolving concerns and making informed decisions regarding their child's education
  • Increase collaborative relationships through information and training
To learn more about the Family Support and Resource Center, click here
Join our Parent-Staff Organizations
Each campus has its own Parent-Staff Association to support the school. The organizations meet regularly and offer a number of workshops and events for families to come together. These workshops provide valuable knowledge and encourage family-interaction with other parents and staff to discuss issues they may face on behalf of their children. 
Parent-Teacher-Community Association (PTCA) | Columbia Campus
To learn more about the Parent-Teacher-Community Association on Columbia campus, contact [email protected]
Parent-Staff Association (PSA) | Frederick Campus
To learn more about the Parent-Staff Association on Frederick campus, contact [email protected]
Volunteer at School
Parents/guardians are welcome to volunteer in school. Family members are invited to volunteer to support our students on a regular basis, or to volunteer for a school field trip or a specific school or community event. Parents/guardians who wish to volunteer in our school must first contact the child's department principal and follow campus procedures before volunteering on campus. For more information, please visit