Bicentennial Committee Celebrates Fifth-Graders

In a special event on Friday, April 1, a Howard County Executive's office representative, Janice Greene presented the students with a special certificate recognizing them for their hard work and dedication to this project. Commissioner Cheryl McLeod distributed ticket vouchers for a Baltimore Orioles baseball game. As a historical Harriet Tubman reenactor, Greene surprised the students with a visit as Harriet Tubman. Reenacting as Harriet Tubman, she presented lessons on her life and answered questions from a long line of curious students. She eloquently responded to each question with positivity and care, weaving exciting stories into her responses. There was a mystical, powerful energy in the room. Miss Tubman was there with us, and we were all enthralled by her.
Once again, congratulations to the Columbia campus's fifth-graders!
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