National Deaf Youth Day

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) denoted March 6th last the annual National Deaf Youth Day. National Deaf Youth Day is dedicated to educate, inspire, recognize, and celebrate deaf and hard of hearing adolescents and advocates from schools for the deaf, mainstream programs, and universities. 
On March 6, 2018, NAD members came to MSD-Columbia campus to educate our students about the civil rights organization of, by, and for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States. These NAD members also volunteered their time to co-teach and partake in classroom reading activities.
In addition, two NAD forerunners - Tawny Holmes and Anna Bitencourt - organized a leadership workshop for our Middle School Student Council members where they discussed the importance of getting actively involved in their communities.
At MSD, we encourage all of our students to engage in opportunities such as, but not limited to: leadership development, higher education, communication maturity, extra-curricular activities, and community outreach.
Thank you, NAD, for spending the day with our students! 
Photos courtesy of the National Association of the Deaf