International Orioles

International Orioles provides high school students with an opportunity to travel internationally during spring break.

The purpose of International Orioles is to provide high school students the opportunity to study first-hand another country and its history, culture, and education. The international studies course is predicated on the belief that travel and people-to-people exchanges are critical to the education of future generations in our multi-cultural society. Travel is scheduled during spring break and ranges from 7 to 12 days. MSD staff will chaperone students to the destination.

International Orioles
High school students are invited to join Hands On Travel for an exciting opportunity to travel to London, England, and Paris, France, from April 3-13, 2023. Students from the Model Secondary School for the Deaf will also join our International Orioles in Paris, where they will visit the St. Jacques Deaf school where Clerc, Sicard, and Massieu went to school. They will also see many famous landmarks and cultural sites, including Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum, catacombs, Versailles, the Eiffel tower, and Euro Disneyland. MSD students will then head to England to visit London, Stonehenge, castles, Big Ben, the Harry Potter Studio tour, and much more.

For more information, please visit Hands On Travel's website. A valid passport is required. The deadline for the trip's deposit is Oct. 14. To learn more about this exciting educational tour, contact sponsors Bonnie Arnold and Kevin Sanderlin at [email protected]edu.
Past Trips
Imperial Guard 1999 - Ireland & UK
Tutkahmen 2000 - Egypt
Eiffel Tower 2001 - France & Italy
Greece 2003 - Greece
Spain 2004 - Spain
Thailand 2005 - Thailand
Leaning Tower of Pisa 2006 - Italy
Alps 2007 - France, Alps, & Germany
Holland 2008 - England, France & Holland
Flamengo Dancer 2009 - Spain
Great Wall of China 2010 - China
Flag of Italy 2011 - Italy
Greece 2012 - Greece
France 2013 - France
Flag of Germany 2014 - Germany
Flag of Portugal 2015 - Portugal, Spain & Morocco
Flag of Italy 2016 - Italy
 Thailand 2017 - Thailand
Great Wall of China  2018 - China