Device & Technology Support

MSD has provided all students with either an iPad for Preschool through Grade 2, or a Chromebook for Grades 3 through high school. Through these devices, students in Family Education & Early Childhood and Lower Elementary will access their course materials through the SeeSaw platform, whereas grades 3 through high school will access materials through Google Classroom.
Forgot Password
For forgotten device, email, or PowerSchool password, please contact your child's department secretary:
Family Education & Early Childhood
Columbia Campus: Carrie Shortt | Email: [email protected]
Frederick Campus: Katelyn Jackson | Email: [email protected] 
Columbia Campus: Deborah Hill | Email: [email protected] 
Frederick Campus: Lauralynn Helms-Salit | Email: l[email protected]
Middle School
Columbia Campus: Peggy Dell | Email: [email protected] 
Frederick Campus: Kelly Sicard | Email: [email protected] 
High School
Dana Stewart Kline | Email: [email protected] 
Donna Vogeler | Email: [email protected]
Device & Technology Support
For questions regarding replacing a lost or damaged device, or help with another technology issue not covered on this webpage, please fill out the Support Form:
For questions related to specific classwork or curriculum, please contact your child's teacher, your child's department principal, or the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Tara Holloway | Email: [email protected] 
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Online Platform Tutorials
Google Classroom
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Resources for Families in English | Website
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Virtual Meeting Tutorials
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Try the following tips to improve video quality:  View Tips in English | View Tips in Spanish
Google Meet
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