IEP Meeting Recording Policy

School Policy:
The use of audio and/or video recording devices at IEP meetings will be limited and shall be for the purpose of ensuring that the parent can understand the IEP process and/or her/his child's IEP. The school will then be provided an opportunity to record the same IEP meeting for the purpose of ensuring that both parties have identical recordings. The recordings shall be made a part of the child's IEP educational records and shall be accessible to both parties.
Through the use of recording devices, parents can better understand the IEP process and/or her/his child's IEP. Recording IEP meetings will empower parents to better participate in the IEP process.
1.  MSD respects a parent's right to make a request to record the IEP team meeting using either an audio or video recording device in order to understand the IEP process and/or his/her child's IEP otherwise the recording shall be prohibited. In approving the parent's request, the school shall notify the parent that the school shall be recording the meeting via either the audio or video recording devices too.
2.  If the parent wishes to record the IEP meeting, the parent must notify the Principal in writing (or email) 72 hours prior to the meeting of his/her desire to record the meeting and the reason the recording is requested. The Principal shall reply to the parent within 24 hours with either an approval or a denial of the request including explanation for the denial.
3.  If the parent is to record the meeting, he/she must use her/his own recording devices and the school shall use its own recording devices.
4.  In accordance with Maryland law, consent to be recorded will be requested from all meeting participants (MSD personnel and non-MSD personnel alike). If an IEP team member declines to consent, the IEP chairperson (or coordinator/meeting facilitator) will proceed with the excusal process to the extent possible. The excusal process allows the parent and the IEP chairperson to excuse certain members of the IEP Team from an IEP meeting. Before an IEP Team member is excused from attending, the parent and the IEP chairperson must consent in writing to the excusal.
5.  If the parent is to record the meeting, the parent shall share a copy of the recording in a format agreed between the parent and the school within a reasonable time frame. The school shall present a copy of their recording of the meeting to the parent as well within a reasonable time frame.
6.  The recording of an IEP Team meeting is maintained by MSD as an "educational record" protected under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The recording shall not be disclosed without the prior consent of both the parent and the school.
Download and print the MSD IEP Meeting Recording Policy