School readiness (the ability to successfully do kindergarten work) is critical for all children. The time from birth to five offers children a great opportunity of learning and that is when brain development is at its most active.
Young children enrolled in our program benefit from our strong emphasis on family engagement, language acquisition, and the seven domains of learning: language and literacy, scientific thinking, social and personal development, the arts, mathematic thinking, social studies, and physical development.
We serve as a resource for young children to acquire knowledge over time and our classes provide for young children to develop critical thinking, social-emotional, and problem-solving skills through scaffolded and interactive experiences. Every activity and lesson in our classrooms is created to help young children explore, imagine, share, and to grow in a safe and nurturing environment.
In our play-based and language-rich environment, young children will have endless opportunities to engage in multiple means of action and expression; whether building a plane to fly off or to drawing/writing in their journal about a science project. While academics play a role in their development, we believe in a balanced approach that involves families for enhancing the whole child.
Early Childhood Classes
Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, and PreKindergarteners enroll in half-day and full-day classes held at Centers on each MSD campus: Columbia and Frederick. All children will learn and develop both languages, ASL and English. Auditory access opportunities are also provided. Our accredited program incorporates early learning resources and curriculum, which are approved by the Maryland State Department of Education: Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards, Healthy Beginnings Guidelines, Early Learning Standards, and Creative Curriculum.
Infant Classroom
This is an exciting opportunity for the infants to have "learn through play" time with peers and parents. These half-day classes are offered on Monday and Friday mornings.
Toddler Classroom
This is a wonderful opportunity for the toddlers to acquire new skills and knowledge through scaffolded and interactive experience in a language-rich environment with peers. These half-day classes are offered Monday through Friday mornings.
Preschool Classroom
The Preschool curriculum incorporates the Creative Curriculum. This is a full-day, Monday through Friday classroom. Lunch is provided. 
Pre-Kindergarten Classroom
The PreK curriculum incorporates the following: Creative Curriculum and Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards. This is a full day, Monday through Friday classroom. Lunch is provided.
Related Services
Speech sessions are provided on an individual or group basis by a certified speech/language pathologist. These sessions reinforce the language concepts that are presented in the classroom, as well as articulation and auditory perception. Mapping services are available on both campuses to support children who have Cochlear Implants for more than one year. MSD audiologists collaborate with implant centers to maintain the appropriate programs for children's cochlear implants. 
Collaboration with Service Providers
We work collaboratively with professionals from various public and private programs/agencies to support the family in promoting the development of the whole child. Public and private agencies include: Local Infants and Toddlers programs, hospitals, daycare providers, Head Start programs, public and private preschools, and local school systems.
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