Quarantine Plan for Supporting Student Learning

MSD will strive to support continued student learning during any required quarantine due to COVID-19. If a student is quarantined, their absence from school will be excused. Students will be able to access their classroom assignments on their teacher’s online platform (i.e., the school’s Learning Management System). If a student does not have access to the internet from their home, arrangements for the pick-up or delivery of the hard copies of work, instructional content, and materials needed to complete the work will be made with parent/guardian involvement.
MSD teachers must upload student assignments within 24 business hours of the lesson delivery for students to access their missed instruction. Students will not receive live, virtual instruction from a teacher with their peers or on a separate schedule; during the quarantine period, MSD will offer additional instructional support from MSD employees during tutoring hours and scheduled virtual meetings with teachers as needed.
Students in middle and high school grade bands have electronic devices that they bring back and forth to school, which allow them access to uploaded instructional materials and content in the event of a quarantine period. Elementary students can bring their devices home if a quarantine period is known before they go home for an extended duration. If an elementary student goes home without their device and their stay becomes extended due to a quarantine requirement, MSD will make arrangements for the pick-up or delivery of the device and any other instructional materials to the child’s home, if needed.
Students and families needing access to high-speed internet will be provided with a hotspot by MSD if their child is quarantined and requires access to online platforms and instructional materials.
If a student needs to quarantine at any time during the school year, their related services needs will be reviewed, and families shall be contacted for the possibility of telehealth, if appropriate.