Addressing the Well-Being of MSD Students & Staff

In an ongoing effort to support the whole child, members of the Mental Health Team (school social workers, counselors, and psychologists) and instructional staff will provide students with additional social, emotional, and behavioral support. Support includes regular check-ins with students and staff, the integration of social and emotional learning during lessons, and availability to consult with families and staff members on an as-needed basis.
At the classroom level, teachers will receive professional development, resources, and support to integrate social-emotional learning (SEL) opportunities into their lessons. These opportunities will focus on supporting students with developing healthy identities, managing their emotions, feeling and showing empathy, and establishing and maintaining supportive relationships. The Mental Health Team shall assist staff with social-emotional learning lessons, as well as identifying students who may need additional support beyond SEL and other school-wide approaches. These supports may include individual or group counseling, as well as referrals to community-based resources.
MSD staff will receive resources focused on addressing personal self-care, mental health and well-being. MSD staff have ongoing access to both MyMDCares and the State of Maryland Wellness Program information and resources. MSD is currently exploring professional development opportunities focused on well-being. MSD’s Mental Health Team shall continue to coordinate formal check-ins with staff by department.
The 2023-2024 school year calendar continues to have half days to support teacher collaboration, professional development, and dedicated time for planning. On these half days, the school will close at noon for students.